Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas, I have a word for you.

Three, actually: Cut. It. Out.

First off: I have finals, which I'm currently working myself into a frenzy to study for. (Did I ever tell you how much I hate physics? Here's a hint: a freaking ton.)

Second: I only have a present for one of my friends. And NO idea what I'm going to get everyone else. I'm so dead! GOSHDARNIT SAINT NICHOLAS! Why did you have to set everyone's expectations so high?!

Third: someone PLEASE make some new Christmas carols. After a week-long battle with "All I Want for Christmas," I'm ready to go ninja on the next caroler's sorry visit!

Fourth: I'm going to stop blogging, turn on some normal music, and continue studying. Stay in the Christmas spirit, everyone...just hang in there. We can all do it. And remember, Christmas isn't all about the presents....I don't care what every one of those darn department store ads say. It's not. Even the etymology of the name insists on it's true meaning. Go. Look. It. Up.

It's the reason I never say Happy Holidays. So instead of giving everyone presents, here's a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS! And a quick prayer I can fit everything in this season.

A-frazzled-holiday-enjoyer. (Aka. The Atari.)

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