Sunday, October 24, 2010

Durarara Soundtrack

DUDE! Anyone who knows me knows of my giant Durarara obsession. I LOVE IT. Love. NOTHING IN ANIME COMPARES TO DURARARA!

Got that? Good.

Because it also has a great soundtrack. As the two tracks below will now show you.

Urban Unease

And my personal total favorite- played around Izaya's epic cell-phone stomping and gang-member pwning...

He's Such a Coward that He Can Laugh

See ya soon on the crazy side of things!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to the circus...

If you were headed for the hair salon, it's two doors down. I think. I get lost.

I'm the ArmoredAtari...but you can jus' call me Atari for short. I'm the resident mild-mannered otaku, not-so-gamer nerd (I leave that to mi amiga.),  almost-artist, and...ok, yeah, I write...a little...a lot...yeah.

In case you were wondering, my favorite animes:

1. Durarara!!
2. Code Geass/Fullmetal Alchemist (tie)
3. Earl and Fairy
4. Soul Eater
5. Ouran

 As for the name, I've been officially dubbed "Alphonse Elric" among my friends...which would be the reason for "Armored." As for Atari? I'm still searching for the exact meaning of myself. I like vintage stuff...and that's a vintage video game system. Plus Izaya was saying something about "Atari" as a game move on his little board game he plays. (See: Durarara!!) Really, that just means I like the word and used it. Someday it'll mean something. I promise. XD

Au Revior! (Even though I don't speak French!)